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Complex or long scores crash Score on Wikimedia
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Author: morganation1

Score works for short pieces but long or complicated works produce a rose-coloured error message that starts with "Unable to compile LilyPond input file:" and ends with "Converting to PNG...GS exited with status: 9ERROR: In procedure delete-file:
ERROR: No such file or directory

exited with status: 1".

The text in the middle varies a little: see linked pages.

Example one:

(Adding lyrics causes the error in this one)

Example two:

(Adding more notes causes the error in this one. Note that the notes are copied from another instance of score on the same page, which works correctly. These notes are in the 2nd stave of a 3-stave work; the correctly functioning instance of score is just the 2nd stave alone.)

The problem occurs with both adding lyrics and adding further notes.

The problem happens with vorbis and midi both disabled by default, so I do not think they are the problem.

This problem may be limited to just Wikimedia wikis. The following code on en.wikisource causes an error:

The same code on WikiTranslate, a non-Wikimedia wiki running the Score extension, does not produce the same error:

The same code on en.wikipedia causes the error again:

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Severity: major
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morganation1 wrote:

NB: This might be the same problem as Bug 47534.

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