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VisualEditor: Can't move to last item in category dialog suggester box with cursors
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Not sure how to reproduce, but I get two items in the "Matching categories" section; I can only move to the top one, and pressing down doesn't work (but pointer-highlighting and selection does).

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Seemingly not; Trevor investigating.

I can't reproduce this on master.

(In reply to comment #3)

I can't reproduce this on master.

But I can. :-(

Requires two extant (on page and in wiki) categories which start with the same character sequence (I have "DoG and "DooooG")

On suggesting 'd', I get:

New category


Move this category here
Matching categories <--- This should not be here at all

DoG                   <--- This should be in the "Move this category here" block
DooooG                <--- This should also be in "Move this category here"

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