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changing a Snak's time value from a valid to an invalid one will not disable Claim's "save" button
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Changing a "time" value from a valid to an invalid value will not trigger the "save" button to be disabled. When saving, the previously valid value will be saved.

The reason for this is that the jQuery.valueview.experts.TimeInput instance won't notify about the change from valid to invalid. Probably because the jQuery.time.timeinput's "update" event only triggers when the value changes to another valid value.

Note: this should be a bug in the "ValueView" extension which is not yet available in bugzilla.

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Update: the "update"/"change" events/notifications get passed along well. The rawValue() of the expert is the problem. It always remains the same, even if it should reflect the invalid value and not return a time value.

Within the expert's _getRawValue(), this._newValue is 'undefined' even though it should be 'false' in the case described above. Not sure how this could happen. If it were 'false', the right value would be returned.

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Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 22-5