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Non-printable characters on enhanced recent changes account creation logs before semi-colons
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In Special:RecentChanges the line that displays the grouped user creation log has accounts like follows with the grouped listing followed by the individuals when the twisty is opened.

In the grouped line, at the end of the account username and prior to each semi-colon there is a non-print character. This character can be problematic when undertaking a copy and paste.

(what follows is spambot accounts)

10 May 2013

	     21:59 	(User creation log)‎ . . [CallumJba‎; MahaliaSe‎; MarlysCam‎; NHESamira‎; WillisCus‎]
	     	21:59 . . User account MahaliaSe (Talk | contribs | block) was created ‎
	     	21:36 . . User account MarlysCam (Talk | contribs | block) was created ‎
	     	21:13 . . User account WillisCus (Talk | contribs | block) was created ‎
	     	20:01 . . User account CallumJba (Talk | contribs | block) was created ‎
	     	08:13 . . User account NHESamira (Talk | contribs | block) was created ‎

I am seeking the removal of that non-print character at the end of the account name.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: enhancement



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Message 'semicolon-separator' is used to combine the user names, maybe it contains a unprintable character in your language? Another possible character is the rtl/ltr sign.

Yes, it seems to be the LTR/RTL marker.

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