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<h5> and <h6> have the same font size at default settings in some skins
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Browsers tend to have a default font size of 16px and the Vector and Monobook skins use various techniques to end up at 12.8px resp. 12.7px for the bodytext.

Now, in commonElements.css, we have 105% for <h5> and 100% for <h6>. This gives rounded values of 13px for <h5> and <h6> in Vector and Monobook, making them hard to distinguish. (To avoid this, 108% has been used at dewiki for several years.)

Modern is not affected by this problem because it uses browser default font sizes for <hX>. Haven't looked at Cologneblue.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: minor



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Checked Cologneblue, it OK at the browser default of 16px (h6 ends up at 13.3333px, h5 at 14px and h4 at 14.8px), so only commonElements.css needs to be fixed.

Note that these font-sizes have been changed quite recently in I45bf6e8c (previously they were smaller than body text, which was a little silly). Are you sure 108% was being used? (Or were you also adjusting other heading sizes?)

That said, this seems like an easy bug. Maybe you want to try getting [[developer access]] and fixing it yourself? :)

Created attachment 12423
Proposed fix: Enlarge <h5> to 108% in Vector and Monobook

The remark in comment 0 about the 108% at dewiki is about a local adaption in [[de:MediaWiki:Common.css]] that I'm proposing to get upstream with this report.


Since you apparently don't want to do it yourself ;), I submitted your patch to gerrit (noting you as its author): I9d0fccc6.

The patch has been merged and will be deployed to Wikimedia wikis per [[MediaWiki 1.22/Roadmap|the roadmap]]. Thanks!