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No search index for newly created el.wikivoyage, vec.wiktionary
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The search on the two recently created projects el.wikivoyage and vec.wiktionary doesn't work.

Error message:
An error has occurred while searching: The search backend returned an error: Error opening index.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: major
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I go to and enter Γουατεμάλα and get no results. Confirming.

Reedy: Could you take a look at this (or am I completely wrong about the field)?

This is really annoying. Unless you already know of alternate ways of creating a page (writing it directly in the URL bar, or faking links in existing pages), newbies won't be able to create new articles.

Daniel: Any idea who of ops dzcould take a look at this?

Daniel: Any idea who of ops could take a look at this?

Daniel usually does it for new wiki creations.

Peter has had a look at it, but not sure how much he has or not.

The other person would be Nick being our "search" guy

This seems (emphasis on "seems") to be fixed already. The search box is working in both wikis.

Mon Jul 08 18:59:07 2013 Peter Youngmeister:
after reinstall of search frontends (for unrelated reasons) these wikis now have functional search, both directly to nodes and via lvs.