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[ui] First version of geocoordinate datatype support
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Implement a first version of geocoordinate datatype support

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As of the mw1.22-wmf6 branch, the UI parses some geo-coordinates, but there several issues:

  • Wikipedia uses the form 52°31′N 13°23′E, with an acent (′) to represent "minutes". Wikibase expects an apostrophe (').
  • The German Wikipedia uses the format 52/31/7/N 13/24/29/E in template parameters (which would probably be used by import bots); Wikibase doesn't accept that.
  • Providing minutes using the form 52°31'11"N 13°23'8"E doesn't work, while 52°31'1.01"N 13°23'8.0"E does.
  • No localization support: east has to be indicated using "E", decimals have to be given using ".".

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 22-9