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User links re-collapsing button does nothing
Open, MediumPublicFeature


  2. Click the user links button

I. Observed: "(Talk | contribs)" appears as expected (or more links if you're logged in and have some permissions).

  1. Click again

II. Observed: nothing happens.
III. Expected: the user links are collapsed again.

Confirmed on monobook and Vector, both Firefox and Chromium.

This has most likely happened overnight (we're at 1.22alpha (rOMWC5d5a8ac52d01) ) due to some of the last RecentChanges-related commits in core I guess?

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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Sorry, this was already like this before, e.g. 1.20.2 + MLEB 2012.12.
The button should either do something or be removed.

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