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in Page namespace, provide link(s) to ns0 page(s) which transclude the current Page:
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In pages of Page namespace, it would be useful to have a direct link to the pages in ns0 that transclude the current Page.

Example: I have a page Page:SomeNovel.djvu/42. This page contains the end of Chapter 3 and the beginning of Chapter 4 of SomeNovel, so Page:SomeNovel.djvu/42 is transcluded into SomeNovel/3 and SomeNovel/4.
So on the top of the screen, near the tabs "<", ">", "Page", "Image", "Index", I would like to have 2 similar tabs: "Chapter 3" and "Chapter 4".
In this way, from Page 42 I can go directly to Chapter 3 and check if page 42 looks nice when transcluded there.

This has been implemented on it.source as a gadget, but I think it would be nice to embed this feature in the ProofreadPage extension.

Gadget source code:

Example page with 2 links (the two tabs with the open book icon):

The gadget calls the API with action=query, list=embeddedin, einamespace=0, and the Page title, to obtain the list of ns0 pages where Page is transcluded, and then for each result just puts a new tab in the #p-namespaces bar.
So this task is about doing the same thing at the ProofreadPage extension level, to make it into a standard feature of ProofreadPage.

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Isn't 'What links here' sufficient ?

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Isn't 'What links here' sufficient ?

No, absolutely. 'What links here' takes you to a *separate* page, where you see links, transclusions, redirect, all together. My proposal is to have a *direct* link to only the pages of ns0 that transcludes the current page, excluding links and other stuff that one doesn't really need to see. On it.source this has proved to be really useful, you can quickly and easily check whether a Page is transcluded or not and where, and check how it looks when it's transcluded, without losing any time searching in the 'What links here' page.

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Should be easy to implement either from PHP or with a standalone JS module inside the modules/page directory.

This seems to be harder than it looks, because I'm unaware of a way to add a drop-down menu to the skin tab bars like you can do in JS. So maybe it needs to be client-side JS hack :-/.