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Hide ULS icon in unsupported IE7
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Screenshot of IE 7 rendering of ULS; Screenshot taken on Commons-Login form

ULS seems not even to have a "basic" level of support for IE7.

You may wait until someone else can confirm this issue (depicted in the screenshot) with IE7 as it may depend on customization/settings or some JS-Errors at Commons in IE7 etc.

Possible solutions (if it is really an issue with that extension):
Either the extension is marked as incompatible with IE7 (and deactivated in this browser) or the issue is fixed.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
Platform: PC
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From the screenshot this seems a duplicate of bug 45958.
The fix for it went live on Commons on May 29 (and will reach Wikipedias next week), however the commit mentions only IE8 and IE9.
IE7 accounts for 474 M 2.03% of html requests as of March 2013

Can you test the behavior in where this problem ought to be fixed already.

The ULS in 1.22wmf5 is the same as in 1.22wmf4. Updates will be deployed next week.

We blacklisted IE7 and earlier versions. The icon is still visible, but those should still be hidden.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I931a2e904b37c754f63bfe5feb2d98bfe6c2747b)

"ULS does not support IE7" was not fixed, hence rephrasing summary.
The original request rather sounds like WONTFIX then.