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When I Google for a topic such as 'giraffe genetics', I see context in the search results that I will use to identify the content on the Wikipedia page that I will ultimately peruse.

To allow me a means to find that content quickly in the Wikipedia Mobile Web article with Find in Page browser features, it would be really nice if I could click on an Expand All text button at top of the page to expand sections to make stuff findable quickly. The thinking here is that the onclick action could expand the content below but not change the viewport positioning (this feature would also be handy if I just want to read a full article from beginning to end without having to tap multiple section headings).

My thinking is that once Expand All is clicked the text for the button would change to Collapse All upon all of the sections being expanded. The viewport positioning wouldn't change either, ideally. Similarly, the viewport positioning wouldn't change for a Collapse All onlick. I believe the Collapse All would be useful to allow people to quickly see the section headings and expand sections they care about when they determined they need to look for some other tidbit in some other part of the article.

Another possible option for getting me to the article content I searched for is looking at obviously search-redirected requests, and then landing me in the section, autoexpanded, that contains the first instance of text in the redirector Referer's query string if it doesn't clearly specifically match the article title alone (if it is a direct article hit, then I just want to land at the top of the article). No yellow highlighting or dotted underlining of search terms, as I think it gives the impression of gaming of the search engines because so many search-gaming sites follow that exact practice. Dunno if this article section "zoom" would confuse users, so it's probably a good thing for an A/B test.

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