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Page not found in export
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Author: andreengels

The Chinese page given in the URL does exist, but when its title (巴尔米拉环礁)
is submitted to [[zh:Special:Export]], it is not found.

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error: it just output some default content and fail to grab
article content :(

andreengels wrote:

On the export page that does contain the content, its title is
changed/respelled/whatever from 巴尔米拉环礁 to 帕邁拉環礁

andreengels wrote:

The switch from 环 to 環 is a change from simplified to traditional Chinese -
perhaps it's the simplified/traditional change script that is at fault here?

Are you using the actual page title or the display title?

Export seems to work just fine using the actual title:帕邁拉環礁

The page has some spelling conversion overrides:
which seem to alter the output display of the title.

andreengels wrote:

Yes, that title works... But how am I as a simple reader (or in this case, bot
operator) to know that I should use the traditional rather than the simplified
form of the title in this case?

That's exactly why page titles should always be shown exactly as is, not customized or

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