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Bad bulleted list parsing
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This wiki code generates a bulleted list with two bullets:

  • {{INSEE|National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies}}

It shouldn't.

This is maybe a (duplicate?) bug report related to a template inclusion/parsing problem... too difficult to me to identify where exactly is the problem.

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Looks like PHP parser / tidy strips empty list items.

  • a *
  • b

renders as <ul><li>a</li><li>b</li></ul>

whereas Parsoid generates the three empty list items. Something to investigate if we want to strip out the empty list items as well.

Stripping empty list items in general would create a lot of problems for round-tripping and editing, so we don't want to go down that path.

In bug 41289 we are working on supporting the special case of a HTML-syntax list item inside a wikitext-syntax list item. Once that has landed, templates like INSEE can be converted to use a HTML-syntax <li> instead of the newline and bullet instead, and the result will render just as it does now both in the PHP parser and Parsoid.

I'll go ahead and merge this with bug 41289. The WikiText syntax part here is really WONTFIX on our end.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 41289 ***