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Enable translating CNBanner messages in zh-* languages on meta
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Due to T39338: $wgTranslateBlacklist of zh-* on metawiki translation of zh-* sub-variants are blocked. However this is needed as zh banners are not displayed for zh-* users.

Two ways to fix this:

0) Revert T39338 or modify it to unblock zh-hans and zh-hant

  1. Allow CNBanners to ignore the blacklist or have a separate set
  2. Language conversion for CNBanners (ideal solution)

Currently change in T39338 pretty much breaks the translation workflow as the only way around it is for a translator to ask an administrator to edit the MediaWiki message.

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is the bot down? (Gerrit Change I16292800b857c681e0ed54a221cd4c4e5def91b5) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Mwalker]

Actually bug 49905 is required to complete the resolution of this bug ... anyway this bug was filed in MediaWiki Extension product and there was / have to be some work in the extension itself (which was done), so I'm creating a new one now.