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Collect environment information for JS error logging
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When the error reporting JS is called, collect environment information and add it to the error report:

  • MediaWiki version (maybe extension versions as well)
  • enabled gadgets and their versions (maybe - should be considered carefully due to privacy implications)
  • same for user scripts
  • additional information to identify which script versions ResourceLoader has cached, if the above information is not sufficient
  • consider setting up some sort of hook for extensions to add error information (made-up example: for UploadWizard, the developer would want to know whether the user enabled chunked upload or not)

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At the time of creating this task it was assumed that the server side implementation of error logging would be based on Sentry. We have eventually decided on a different implementation, so de-tagging.

The parent task RfC has been declined, hence also declining this task.
If this task should still be open, then please update its description and associate an active project - thanks!