VisualEditor: Rendering of categories fails on first load sometimes in Chrome (Webkit?)
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Instead of "Foo v" you get "Foo
v" - dialog contents render before they're styled because the CSS is slow in coming in (per Roan).

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bzimport set Reference to bz49420.

So there are two somewhat separate (but possibly connected issues) here. One is that, when you load the category dialog on a cold cache (try incognito window) in Chrome, the dialog contents are displayed before they're styled. I can reproduce this on but not on localhost, presumably because localhost delivers the CSS really fast.

The rendering bug that James is talking about, with the arrow appearing on the next line, only happens in Chrome and only when the flash of unstyled content also happens.

It would be nice if we could block showing the dialog on the CSS loading. The way we load CSS into the dialog iframes should probably be reconsidered anyway.

Per Timo:

Most likely cause of meta dialog's flash of unstyled content:
"ve.ui.Dialog.static.addLocalStylesheets( [ 've.ui.Dialog.css' ] );"

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