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VisualEditor: Surface should be able to inherit commands and toolbar from other surface
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Right now, we have to do the following in ve.ui.MWReferenceDialog and ve.ui.MWMediaDialog to set up the sub-editor's surface correctly:

this.referenceSurface.addCommands( );

Instead of accessing (and assuming all surfaces with MW*Dialogs will be instantiated by, we should just be able to say "initialize this new surface based on this existing surface".

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Stylesheets should be inherited as well (and be loaded by the surface rather than the dialog) so we don't have to do things like

ve.ui.MWReferenceDialog.static.addLocalStylesheets( [
] );

Not just inherit, but also block from inheritance for specific instantiations (e.g. the caption of an image inside a reference can't take a reference - bug 58270).