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VisualEditor: VE crash mid-edit in IE9
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Author: and.radiate

Using alpha version as of 11JUN13. Did a small edit on Wikipedia English article "Nagato-class battleship" (deleting 3 letters from [Japanese] to form [Japan] in second sentence under section 5.1 World War II. Then scrolled down; after originally displayed area scrolled off screen, the screen went black in the TAB. Other TABs in IE remained operative. Back arrow did not produce any results on black screen or URL showing for the Wikipedia TAB. Reloaded in TAB with black screen; successfull load and correct operation thereafter. Could not reproduce the error.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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and.radiate: Have you seen this problem again with a more recent VE version?

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No reproduction steps in three years, over which time it's been significantly changed. I'm marking this as Resolved for now.

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