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Broken link for "Calendar" on Wikivoyage's Special:Version
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On Wikivoyage Special:Version, the link for the Calendar extension goes to a 404:

I'm also unable to find a page describing this extension, even though the author listed is attributed on a few other extensions:

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So turns out that Wikivoyage had (has?) its specific calendar application.
CC'ing Roland who is listed as maintainer/author of it.

As the linked repository URL is dead, where exactly is the codebase now?

Is this calendar extension listed on ?

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I50480e0486927c1762629ffe4f0f85e0ad2ccb20)

Greg copied over the page, I fixed it up a bit (added Git templates etc.) and its located here.

That above gerrit change is me updating the credits line in the extension to point to the new mediawiki Extension page. Brian merged it, so we're almost done here :)