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Build apps/common/android under Jenkins and from Gerrit (instead of GitHub)
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The Android app moved from GitHub to Gerrit ( CI should now trigger on merges on Gerrit rather than commits on GitHub :)

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Moved under continuous integration. Need to:

  • figure out a template for Jenkins job builder
  • add the generated job to Zuul configuration and have it triggered on change merged.
  • rethink the publishing of the build apk, that is current a hacky inline shell script

Jenkins job is , to be applied, it requires a change to Jenkins Job Builder which I have submitted upstream

I have generated the job and added the Zuul triggers

At least one build succeeded.

That should be fine for you. If the job works properly we will make it voting (and thus block the change upon jenkins job failure).


This is pending review / merge of my JJB patch by upstream

Is it possible to make the bot leave the url of the built apk in the comment, in addition to the link to the console?

Ah it is only building and not publishing the resulting apk .. Maybe I could use the artifact archiving functionality and have Jenkins to copy the apk in the docroot ( ex: )

There is a 'copy to slave' Jenkins which is supported by JJB. Would let us copy the apkartifact under the integeation docroot on gallium.

This (building the Wikipedia Android app via Jenkins) was discussed today with Bernd and Dmitry. What is the status of that now? Is Jenkins doing anything more than lint checking with the Android app? It looks like that is all they have from eg:

Yuvi and I talked about it again a couple month ago. The challenge is getting Android SDK installed on the Ubuntu slaves (read build a package / puppet recipe for it). I have no clue how Android work so I am not comfortable doing it.

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The Commons Android app has been sunset. No need to add a build for that. I'd rather have a build for the Wikipedia Android app (T88494 and T62720) instead.