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VisualEditor: Provide a get-me-into-the-wikitext-editor link on every header inside the VisualEditor
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From a comment on T50429.

It would be wonderful if the "edit source" links or icons for sections also showed up inside the Visual Editor. The Visual Editor could treat "edit source" links or icons as uneditable links. But the link would still work. So people could click "edit source" links or icons to open source editing of a section.

People could go to source mode editing at anytime, even from inside the VisualEditor. That would be so convenient and so useful. Later on, this functionality could be extended to anything the VisualEditor can't edit. People could click on templates, tables, etc. inside the VisualEditor and go directly to source mode editing of that section. Or they could right-click templates, tables, etc. to go to a new tab in source mode for that section.

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