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enable atomic chillu with default ml font
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plz enable ml fonts with "atomic chillu" in default meera font of uls. otherwise it will create reading problem to an ordinary user who have no knowledge abt advance level font settings.

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For an oridinary user with freshly installed operating system, without any additional configuration or font installation, this is how Malayalam wikipedia, which has atomic chillus looks:

The fonts we provide from wikipedia -Meera, Anjali - both has atomic chillus.

In case you have issues with chillus in your browser, here is a little bit of information:

If the user has Meera or Anjali locally installed, Wikipedia's webfonts mechanism is disabled. It wont download any font from server and apply. Your local font will be used. ULS will not override it.

What happens when your locally installed Meera font is very old and not having atomic chillus? You wont see it in web pages. You need to upgrade your font. Meera has atomic chillus from 2012 March. You may upgrade your font from