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Wikidata related repo fragmentation
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I'm not quite sure when this is going to be a problem for production (hashar has already been through it with beta as they run master)

But what new extensions need branching? What versions do we need to use of them? What configuration updates are needed? Do we need to have version dependent requires?

In 1.22wmf7 we're still using the 1.22wmf6 branches. The same will be the case for wmf8 if no newer branches are created (as previously occurred)/the updates are documented/notified in both config and make-wmf-branch.

It might not be an issue till 1.22wmf9 or later...


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I think the WikiData folks are planning on skipping cycles, ie: only update on the odd wmfXXs.

Otherwise, we could automatically create branches for it from either 1) the same branch point as the previous one or 2) an updated point based on a commit from the WikiData team.

What Greg says. We plan to skip cycles, and they might even be irregular. Actually I guess we should find a better way to handle this, but for now assume that we are only deploying every other week.

ccing Jeroen.

I have mailed Jeroen to get a confirmation. He adopted Composer to define dependencies after I played with it back in January. So one can see the dependencies on :

Jeroen confirmed by email the new dependency would be WikibaseDataModel (it is not in make-wmf-branch/default.conf ). It has 'master' and '0.4.x' branches and a 0.4 tag.

Indeed, the only relevant new repo is WikibaseDataModel. When running a version of Wikibase from before WikibaseDataModel was split off, then just use Wikibase. When running a version of it after the split was made, then WikibaseDataModel needs to be loaded as well.

The bug in beta was "" Class 'Wikibase\EntityId' not found on beta cluster""

Been fixed inside Wikibase somehow :)

[replacing wikidata keyword by adding CC - see bug 56417]

We're deploying from one repository now. I consider this fixed.