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The SectionEditLinks function not working at all
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MediaWiki 1.21.1
PHP 5.4.7 (apache2handler)
MySQL 5.5.27 got 6/19/2013

Totally new wiki with all default setting.

Set $wgVectorFeatures['expandablesearch']['global'] = true; but nothing happened. I believe this function broked for more than two years. If it can't be repaired, why don't we delete it from the code at all?

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(In reply to comment #0)

Set $wgVectorFeatures['expandablesearch']['global'] = true; but nothing

What did you expect to happen?

It suppose to "Moves section edit links over to be next to the heading text and add an icon to them. Also includes bucket-testing and click-tracking functionality for evaluating the impact of this feature."

I see the Mediawiki's [edit] link moved right after heading text, but not newly installed MW 1.21.1

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This functionality has been removed some time ago, as it indeed wasn't working. Sorry.