Window title for "Creating" should support parser functions
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The browser window title is changed to "Parse error at position 0 in input {{"}}{{{1|$1}}}{{"}}" when editing an article with the VisualEditor on dewp. Reproducible in many articles and at least Firefox and Chromium.


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TTO added a comment.Jun 21 2013, 11:12 AM

This seems to be caused by the templates in [[de:MediaWiki:Editing]].

Can be seen on testwiki as well, where parser functions are the cause ([[testwiki:MediaWiki:Editing]]).

This seems solved now on dewp. Good to close from my side.

TTO added a comment.Mar 1 2014, 12:32 AM

This is still an issue. I've restored MediaWiki:Editing on testwiki for demonstration purposes.

Krinkle has stated "Don't use wikitext in this message" (MediaWiki:Editing), but he didn't give a reason. Since parser functions, etc. work fine in this message in MediaWiki core, I think we should expect VE to handle them too, or else it should use a different message that specifically does not support fancy stuff.

matmarex changed the title from "VisualEditor: Window title changed to "Parse error at position 0 in input {{"}}{{{1|$1}}}{{"}}" on some pages" to "Window title changed to "{{„}}{{{1|$1}}}{{“}} – Erstellen" when creating a new page".
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This is still a problem, currently only visible when creating a new page because no longer has the templates, but still does. T95711 is the same bug for MediaWiki's live preview feature.

(No "Parse error at position 0" since T54479 was fixed.)

Krinkle changed the title from "Window title changed to "{{„}}{{{1|$1}}}{{“}} – Erstellen" when creating a new page" to "Window title for "Creating" should support parser functions".Apr 10 2015, 6:39 PM
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This and T95711 are wontfix. These localisation messages should not use parser functions. This was never intentionally supported and whatever localisation needs exist in German that need this should be filed as a separate task against MediaWiki core to find a way to support that.

Complex parser functions will not be supported in this interface message.

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(If they're wontfix, then let's decline them.)

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