First paragraph after a template transclusion is getting about-grouped
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Author: winne2i

hovered and edited transclusion

Visible in attachment, while hovering the template [1], when selected [2] and while editing the template [3,4] (there are many more parts named "Content" with further parts of text, splitted where other templates – {{odn}}, {{R}} (both for references) – are inserted).

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winne2i wrote:

Appears not to be a problem when there's a [[File:…]] between template and paragraph.

Hmm. Parsoid's marking the following paragraph as generated. To investigate.

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Here is the processed output of that opening template.

<table style="" class="metadata plainlinks ambox ambox-notice">
<td class="ambox-image">
<div style="width:52px;">[[Plik:Information icon.svg|35px|link=||alt=]]</div></td>
<td class="ambox-text"><center>Artykuł ten został zgłoszony jako kandydat do [[Wikipedia:Artykuły na medal|medalu]].<br>Weź udział w [[Wikipedia:Propozycje do Artykułów na medal/Main Page|dyskusji na ten temat]].</center></td>

<span style="clear:both;height:0px;line-height:0px;display:block">&nbsp;</span>
[[Kategoria:Propozycje do Artykułów na medal]]

So, the presence of the span with a &nbsp; forces that span to be wrapped in a paragraph. However, since the wiki page does not have a newline after the transclusion and the following content, the paragraph now contains part content from the template and part content from the top-level page. This then forces Parsoid to hoist the entire paragraph into the wrapping.

Two possible ways to fix this:

However, I now see that the current revision of the page uses a different template that doesn't have this problem.

I am not sure there is anything to be done on the Parsoid end here.

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As noted in the previous comment, there is nothing to be done on the Parsoid end as far as I can tell. Please reopen with more info if there is a fix needed.

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