VisualEditor: Saving or closing the editing pane does not restore the default view of the article
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The VisualEditor isn't perfectly rendering markup yet (which is understandable), and even when it does it'll look slightly different from read mode in a lot of ways. The problem is that cancelling the VE editing interface, or saving, loads a VE-rendered article view rather than what the article actually looks like.

(sorry if this sounds nonsensical; it's difficult to explain at this end).

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bzimport set Reference to bz49964.
TTO added a comment.Jun 22 2013, 1:00 AM

The example given at the enwiki feedback page was [[scaphoid fracture]]. Observe the spacing of infobox content, then enter and leave VE mode and notice the alteration.

I believe all of the changes for this has been merged and fixed some months ago; please correct if there are still issues.

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