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page updates after template edit don't work properly; provide action=purge workaround
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0. Turn on VE in prefs on testwiki if not already enabled

  1. Go to [[testwiki:Parsoid cache]], observe red/maroon colours on transclusion of {{sandy}} template
  2. Edit with VE, notice that same (correct) colours are seen
  3. Edit [[testwiki:Template:Sandy]] with source editor, change colours (e.g. maroon->green), and save page
  4. Go back to [[testwiki:Parsoid cache]], refresh page, notice that colours have changed in "read" mode
  5. Edit with VE, colours go back to original (now incorrect) colours

There seems to be no way to clear/update the Parsoid cache of a page. Even a null edit with the source editor doesn't seem to affect it.

The standard thing to do in these situations is action=purge, so maybe that could be hooked up to clearing the Parsoid cache as well. Or some other way of achieving the same result.

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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to High.Nov 22 2014, 1:51 AM
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By design pages transcluding a modified template should automatically be updated, but we are aware that for some reason that update currently does not work properly.

Listening to action=purge is not a solution to this issue, but could still be a useful workaround. We are focusing on fixing the real update issue first though.

Change 71108 had a related patch set uploaded by GWicke:
Bug 50003: Fix template and image updates

Change 71108 merged by jenkins-bot:
Bug 50003: Fix template and image updates

Transclusion and file expansion updates should be fixed in production.