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VisualEditor: Impossible to review or save changes in IE10
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Screenshot of bug

The "review changes" flyout looks broken and doesn't actually do anything.

There's a script error:

SCRIPT70: Permission denied
load.php, line 18 character 453

With "format JavaScript" enabled (a real godsend of IE's dev tools) we see that the error is occurring on the first line of this for statement:



I tried to get a better output using debug=true, but this seems to totally break VE (in IE10 at least).

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical


screeeshh.png (484×607 px, 19 KB)



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It's also impossible to save the page; same script error occurs. Upping to critical.

This is bug 49187 (and yes, it's critical, hence we've re-blacklisted IE until we can get this fixed). :-(

(IE has a hard limit on how many scripts it will take for a given page; debug=true suspends ResourceLoader, meaning all ~200 VE files come individually - along with the dozens of non-VE MW scripts - which IE ignores after the first ten or so, breaking everything. This is a known IE-is-terrible bug.)

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 49187 ***