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$wgMFLogEvents = false causes problems with EventLogging dependencies are present
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This is related to bug 49723. When $wgMFLogEvents and another extension is present/loaded with a dependency on ext.EventLogging, we get a JS error - for instance:
Uncaught Error: Unknown dependency: ext.eventLogging load.php:10078
sortDependencies load.php:10078
sortDependencies load.php:10110
resolve load.php:10133
mw.loader.load load.php:11023
(anonymous function) Main_Page:225

We force the ext.EventLogging target to desktop when $wgMFLogEvents is false, but do nothing for other modules that may load that have dependencies on it.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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I don't think you should modify the definition of modules that are declared in other files. The need to do so arose from collapsing the distinction between module registration and module loading. 'targets' specifies the module's suitability for mobile; it is not tantamount to loading it. The suitability ought to be an immutable fact and distinct from the act of loading modules, IMO.

This stems from a paranoia we seem to have to have control of other modules outside our control (we do something similar for CentralNotice)

Let's kill the code as Ori says. We should have more trust (and do same for Central Notice)