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PDF handler fails to handle correctly several CSS properties, and specifically position:absolute
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this causes several graphical templates to not show on the generated PDF document.

specifically, maps that use pushpins placed using position:absolute, lose the pushpin:
see [[en:Buenos Aires]]

[[en:Template:Pie Chart]] just doesn't show:
see [[en:Brussels]]

[[en:Module:Chart]] doesn't show:
see [[en:Derek#Popularity]]

please see also Bug 45861, which was closed as "Resolved", for some reason.


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ooops... forgot to add one more example:

[[en:Template:Chess diagram]]
see [[en:Eight queens puzzle]]


This bug appears to be with the Collection extension, not PdfHandler.

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Is this still going to be an issue with the new Proton service?

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Mostly fixed, though I note that in PDF the background of the legend of chart is missing, while in print it's there.

PDF rendering

Print rendering

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