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Enhancement, and a nice-to-have: at the moment adding categories (through "page settings") involves turning away from the actual content. This is a problem because a lot of categories are dependent on the actual content, which needs to be referred back to - birth or death years, college, etc, etc.

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We've discussed (but there's no bug for it - until now) duplicating the editing of categories in a box at the bottom of the article that would look similar to/the same as the category box in Vector (but with hidden categories shown, and inherited categories not shown). We'd have to properly design this, of course, so it may take a little time.

There's also a proposal to make the dialogs themselves smaller - bug 49549 - and draggable - bug 49969.

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I've been told that [Wikipedia:VisualEditor/Feedback#Categories:_please_display_them_in_VE_-_not_the_right_bug my request] is covered by this bug, so I'll restate it here: please make the categories visible when I'm editing in VE. I can see them when I read an article, or while I'm editing in Edit Source, and I shouldn't have to click on "Page Data" to find out whether the article has been categorised or not.

PamD added a comment.Via ConduitJul 15 2013, 10:16 AM

To expand on my point of 07-07: if I'm stub-sorting an article which already has categories, a common technique is to look at a key existing category, see if it has a stub category, if not then go to its parent category, and onwards up the tree (particularly useful in biological taxa etc which are so hierarchic); another technique is to assign a broad stub category and then look at the sub-categories of the stub-category, as being much quicker than going to the full stub listings. Neither of these approaches is possible with VE - I have to either open the article a second time in another tab, or quit VE and do it in Edit Source.

Please just display clickable links for the categories while I'm editing the article in VE. Is it such a big ask?

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pamdavies7: It is not "such a big ask" and the problem is well understood. This is an enhancement request with low priority because there are currently more important things to do, but this will be handled at some point.
In case you have a tech background, patches are welcome:

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