VisualEditor: Backspace at the beginning of a line before an image inserts the succeeding text as a thumbnail caption
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See the screenshot; before and after the backspace, respectively.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
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bzimport set Reference to bz50286.
Ironholds created this task.Via LegacyJun 27 2013, 1:52 PM
Thryduulf added a comment.Via ConduitJul 23 2013, 5:07 PM

This is the same issue as Bug 51624 that was originally reported as happening with table cells and then extended to include image captions. I'm not sure which should me marked as duplicate of the other

Jdforrester-WMF added a comment.Via ConduitNov 20 2013, 10:42 AM

This was fixed months ago; sorry for not spotting this bug report until now.

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