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Jenkins: debian package building should run piuparts
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Screenshot of a job configuration for piuparts (needs jenkins-debian-glue)

Debian piuparts ( ) is a tool to test out Debian package upgrade. Would be nice to have it run after a package has been build in Jenkins (bug 36443).

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement


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piuparts tap result

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The debian glue job do run piuparts but the piuparts wrapper script reports:

0m0.0s ERROR: Scripts directory is not a directory: /etc/piuparts/scripts/

Examples available in job

I have fixed the issue in jenkins-debian-glue:

It has been merged in and is available since v0.7.0:

$ git tag --contains 08b9a5d

I did upgrade jenkins-debian-glue to 0.7.0 earlier.

Created attachment 13689
piuparts wrapper failing with debian glue v0.7.0

Attached is the content of which fails :/


This got fixed somehow a few weeks ago by upgrading Jenkins Debian glue :-]