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Canonical namespaces for ukWikisource
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It is related to but I'm opening a new ticket instead of reopening the former one (people feel better if they work on new tickets).

According to|namespaces|namespacealiases the following things are needed to be fixed:

250:"Сторінка" should have "Page" as a canonical namespace.
251:"Обговорення сторінки" - "Page talk"
252:"Індекс" - "Index"
253:"Обговорення індексу" - "Index talk"
102:"Автор" - "Author" (instead of having it as an alias)
103:"Обговорення автора" - "Author talk" (again, instead of having it as an alias)

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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It have been done for "page" and "index" namespaces.

Not technically possible for the remaining namespaces (102 and 103).

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Fixed for Page: and Index: in Proofreadpage per 2186a66c.

Canonical namespaces make only sense when there belong to a common extension.
Purely local namespaces like Author: aren't canonical per se, as they only exist locally and not shared across wiki / applications.

Base added a comment.Apr 30 2017, 8:05 AM

Aren't they shared?

So, do I understand correctly that all scripts using namespaces Author must be localized in every wikisource? It's weird.