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API module for RelatedSites extension
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There should be a prop=relatedsites module which provides a list of all the related sites.

This will be extremely useful during the Wikidata migration when trying to connect a Wikivoyage page with the Wikidata one.

For some reason the original version of the mw documentation page claims it uses the API, but I can't find anything in the code to indicate that. (

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Unfortunately I have no experience with the API and how to work with the Git repository so I will give at least two ideas:

(1) The API function should be similar to prop=langlinks (ll)

(2) From the public function onSkinTemplateToolboxEnd( &$skinTpl ) (at the end of RelatedSites.class.php) you can learn how to access to the stored values:

$relatedSites = $this->getCustomData()->getSkinData( $skinTpl, 'RelatedSites' );

if ( count( $relatedSites ) == 0 ) {
return true;

$relatedSitesUrls = $this->getRelatedSitesUrls( $relatedSites );

foreach ( (array) $relatedSitesUrls as $url ) {
$href = htmlspecialchars( $url['href'] );
$text = $url['text'];

Now you can check for Wikipedia and Commons. $url['text'] should contain "Wikipedia", "Wikimedia Commons" and others.

We can probably just make this a page property instead of extension data and that automatically gets us an API.

Unless the plan is to archive the extension after removing its usage on Wikimedia sites, this task is still valid.