VisualEditor: Link inspector in a slug can select content in the previous or following paragraphs
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If the cursor is in a slug and you press the link button, the selection jumps to the nearest content - which crosses out of the local <p> and into the <p> beforehand or afterwards (whoops).

Link inspector should detect that it is in a slug and not attempt to mangle the selection with nearestContentOffset, but just trigger with a 'blank' selection.

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Severity: normal
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As a follow-up, if you have <start of document> <block slug> <block slug> <block slug> <block slug> <p> in a document, and have the cursor in the second slug, pressing Ctrl+K will move the selection to the top of the document and put the contents there (whee); in the third or fourth, to the first word of the <p>. Not great.

This was fixed by gerrit 81437.

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