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VisualEditor: Transclusion dialog makes it too easy for users to remove the newlines between parameters
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The template inspector's parameters contain the contents of each parameter, and also a line break, which represents, well, the break between two parameters. When modifying a param, it's all too easy to remove the line break, which results in user-unfriendly things like

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Ironholds created this task.Jul 2 2013, 2:35 PM

(inspector->dialog; inspector is the context menu with buttons to open a dialog)

The bug is open for more than a year, and we get ugly diffs and ugly wikitext. Please increase its severity.

If it isn't possible or it is hard to know whether a template is "inline template" or "multiline template", at least allow manual indication for it (using TemplateData?)

The whitespace around the value of parameters should just be preserved (and not shown in the text field at all). This can't be difficult to do, can it?

…and in fact, this appears to have been fixed already? The leading and trailing newlines from wikitext source are not displayed in the fields in the template dialog, and can not be removed. However, newly inserted template parameters (and newly inserted templates) do not have "smart whitespace" added (this overlaps with T71682 a bit).

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Agreed, looks fixed. I can no longer reproduce the problem I had before on $wgEnableCanonicalServerLink (I tried to test with the same exact changes on my sandbox).