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Configure a Jenkins job for Vagrant builds
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It'd be extremely valuable to have Jenkins tests for Vagrant.

Note that this request is different from T47499 & T50407, which are about utilizing a known-good Vagrant configuration as part of the testing infrastructure for other Wikimedia software projects.

When using Vagrant to test other systems, we'd want to use a fully pre-built and pre-configured image. For testing Vagrant itself, however, we want specifically test the ability of the Vagrant setup to successfully provision MediaWiki & related software on top of an unmodified, vanilla image. Ideally we'd test optional roles as well as the default MediaWiki role.

Testing Vagrant is going to be resource-hungry. We can load the vanilla image and apt packages from an internal host, but we should still expect the job to take some time and eat up a lot of disk, CPU, and RAM.

So my question is: should we use our internal Jenkins instance, or a third party, like Cloudbees? I'd prefer to use our own Jenkins instance, but I wouldn't want to negatively affect the performance of CI for patches in other projects.

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T90892: Establish a working lightweight (LXC/Docker) MW-Vagrant provider is working to a point that might make this more feasible now. The MediaWiki-Vagrant side of things is working pretty well at least. There is a bit more work needed to make setting up a version of Vagrant itself that is compatible with the vagrant-lxc plugin (needs 1.7+ which is not in main apt or a PPA today but is in Debian unstable).

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