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Possible license issue with Utkal font
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Fonts in the ULS font repo should be free and open. To me it's not clear if this is true for the font Utkal that's used for language code "or".

font.ini states that is the source for the font. That site no longer exists. A Google search leads me to

That page states:


Copyright © 2004 - 2005 Rebati Project

License Restricted - see terms below

This software can be downloaded, installed and used free of charge. Restrictions may apply to modification and/or distribution of the software; please contact the Rebati Project for details.

Contributor Steph Holloway

We claim to have license GPL for version 0.13, but I cannot find details about that version anywhere.

I did find a version 0.13 Oriya font linked through that points to

Fishy or just lost in sites that are no longer available?

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$strings utkal.ttf

gives me,

GNU GPL Copyright (c) Andy White,Rajesh Pradhan. All rights reserved.Free Software. For detail licence agreement see
ANDY: Oriya1: 2003
Version 0.13 2003

ori1Uni Medium is a trademark of Andy White.
This font was constructed using modified glyphs from GPLed font ori-1-n from Cyberscape Multimedia <>.

Andy White 2003. You are allowed to distribute or use this software in as many computer systems as you wish, with or without modifications provided you transfer these rights with the software. You are also allowed to use this software in your GNU and/or commercial programs.
This software is distributed in good faith that it will be useful to you but WITHOUT any warranty.

Full text of the GNU license is available at

So, GPL should be fine for this?

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So, GPL should be fine for this?

Yes, absolutely. I'm wondering what we can do so that not someone else will end up asking the same question I have...

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Possible license issue with Utkal font

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Possible license issue with Utkal font