Multiline comment followed by a space leads to the space being nowiki-escaped
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Description added matching nowiki tags, but the change didn't actually include any markup - or, well, anything (it was an attempt to add a comma, which hasn't appeared).

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Belay that; comma appears, I'm just blind :). Still no reason for the nowikis I can see.

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Original problem occurred on Firefox on Windows 7. I didn't replicate it, but another editor did with Chrome on Windows 7:

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This is reproducible; if you edit the original in VE and make no changes it clean-diffs (selser to the rescue), but if you try to replicate the edit (add a comma anywhere in the paragraph after the "Economics" heading), the text following the multi-line HTML comment is escaped in <nowiki>s.

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Simplified test case. Run this through wt2wt in Parsoid. " bar" will be nowiki escaped, but " foo" will not be.

--> foo

x <!--
--> bar

If you parse the above wikitext (ex: paste it in enwiki sandbox) " foo" will be rendered as preformatted text but " bar" is not. Parsoid handles that correctly.

But, the multiline comment followed by a space trips Parsoid's nowiki insertion code when converting the html to wikitext. It doesn't realize that " bar" will not be preformatted because the the comment did not start at the beginning of the line many lines up.

We'll look into this, but I suppose this is not a very common occurrence.

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Parsoid handles the simplified test case above these days.

λ (master) cat t
--> foo

x <!--
--> bar

λ (master) cat t | node parse --wt2wt
--> foo

x <!--
--> bar

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