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Table of filters should be sortable without reloading the page
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Currently, in order to get a table with all filters of enwiki sorted by their number of hits, in decreasing order, I have to

  1. Go to [[Special:AbuseFilter]]
  2. Increase the "Number per page" to 500 (this reloads the page) and click on "Update"
  3. Click on "Hit count" (this reloads the page, but sorts the filters in ascending order of hits)
  4. Click on "Hit count" (and wait the page to be reloaded) again

Sorting the table on client side would save a page reload in the step (4).

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This happens because when sorting the table a new query is run, with 'ORDER BY' specified. Avoiding the reload would mean sorting the table via javascript, which would require passing info about every entry (also the ones not in the current page) and implement a JS method to sort values. A lot of work to do, given that the only benefit would be avoiding the reload (and it may also be slower). The only good point in doing this is that if we implement T87862, those values will also be sortable while at the moment (if I'm right) they aren't since they're not in the DB.

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