VisualEditor: Display the contextual menu for templates much more visibly
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I've noticed a couple of times that users on VE/Feedback have said that they 'couldn't change the block and that it became blue', which I think is an indication they were unable to spot the template edit button.

Now I noticed that the edit button anchor for templates is always at the top right. On 100% width block elements, the content can often be completely left aligned however, and the button is then to the FAR right of the page, making it easy to miss.

For instance, take the {{Refbegin}}-{{refend} block on this page on a fairly large monitor.

It might be nice if we could come up with some idea to more intelligently place the button. if( block && !width && computedWidth > 160em && text_align == left) then align button left

Point 2:
Also, the white button on the blue mask on top of the white page is not the highest contrasting style. Styling it stronger might also make it easier to discover for users.

Point 3:
The puzzle piece in that context doesn't give the user much info. Why not a simple Edit logo ? I think that would be way easier to understand.

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bzimport set Reference to bz50854.
TheDJ created this task.Jul 6 2013, 9:05 AM

Screenshot of cs.wp Křivá Ves shows the wrong possition of edit button.

I agree. Look atřivá_Ves. If you want to edit the infobox, the key/edit button goes completly to right, where you might not notice it.


Sorry for having not responded on this ticket; we fixed this ages ago with the new contextual menu. There are still some issues with the context appearing off-screen if the template is taller than your screen and you're down-page of it, but that is covered by different bugs.

Confirmed the fix in production - the templates' contextual menu is displayed either on the far right of the screen or at the middle as for 'Cite web' template.

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