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Add more ARIA attributes to ULS cog
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It adds aria-haspopup, but those should idealla come with aria-controls and aria-pressed.

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I don't understand what this is about. Do you mean "area" instead of "aria", and then still, can you provide a scenario where your enhancement request will make sense? Also, is this related to and if so, should it simply be added there as "WIP criteria" instead of an enhancement on a feature that's not even delivered?

ARIA stands for Accessible Rich Internet Applications and is designed to improve the accessibility of Rich Internet Applications, i.e. to make them more usable for people with disabilities[1].


Getting close to a patch.

I'm removing the aria-haspopup="true" attribute, since that's customarily for a drop-down menu that is a direct child of the element, and not useful for interactive dialogs far away in the DOM. The aria-controls="dialog-id" attribute is sufficient to get the reader to the right place.

That said, once inside the dialog, the contents are inaccessible; the dialog can't be navigated by keyboard because it contains no focusable elements. So that'll probably be the next step.

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