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API: "action=ask&format=xml" isn't well-formed XML if a page is a subpage
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Snapshot of not well-formed API response. does not produce valid XML.

It has elements with the name "Nova_Resource:Tools/Access_Request/Marian_520219" which xmllint rejects with "parser error : error parsing attribute name". This stems from the slashes ("/") in the element name which aren't allowed in XML names (cf.

After escaping those, xmllint still complains about the perceived, but undeclared XML namespace "Nova_Resource".

The result is attached as the query is volatile.

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Severity: normal




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See Bug 44696.

I guess wikitech is not running the latests SMW 1.9 master. Bug 44696 is only deployed with SMW 1.9

Hello future me! I stumbled over this again yesterday and found that the format "wddx" is a suitable work-around; it makes the XML a bit clumsy, but parsable. So if you encounter this bug again in a year, you know what to do.