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Talk page reverts to older state on new edits
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Author: owen.lloyd

The talk page of this article tends to revert to an earlier state on new edits,
apparently to a state from July 28. It has been suggested that it only occurs
when using section editing, although this can't be confirmed. The software
places the edited or new section in the midst of the older subheadings of the
archived copy, while everything else is removed. It occurs about every 5th edit
to the page. I have no suggestions as to why it seems to freeze up and revert to
this earlier status.

It was first reported here:

And most recently occurred a couple hours ago:

The talk page is frequently edited and this bug has proven very annoying for
everyone involved with the article.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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This sounds similar to bug 3710. Does it still happen? Is it always the same version
that it reverts to?

owen.lloyd wrote:

Actually, it hasn't happened since September 30th. Has something changed since
then? And yes, it always reverts to the same version.

Assuming that whatever this may have been was fixed a billion years ago.