VisualEditor: duplicate links created if parts of the link are differently italicised/bolded
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See for example; It should be [[''death'' metal]].

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Ironholds created this task.Jul 9 2013, 5:55 PM

Is this still happening?
In my sandbox just now, VE changed [[Ancient Carthage]] to [[Ancient Carthage|''Ancient'' Carthage]] as I would expect.

With the sole exception of plaint text followed by italic text, it seems that a separate link is created for each part of the link that has a different bold/italic status:

To reproduce:

  1. Create or edit any page that has consecutive words that have different italic/bold annotation, i.e. any of

''one'' two
'''un''' deaux
''ein'' '''zwei'''
'''un''' ''dai''
'''uno''' due

  1. select both words and make the selection a link (internal or external).

Expected behaviour: One link is created, e.g. [[link|''one'' two]]
Actual behaviour: Two links are created, e.g. [[link|''one''']] [[link|two]]

Merging with bug 50098.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 50098 ***

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