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Script to sync parser tests.
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From IRC:
(07:53:06 PM) gwicke: cscott: can you create a script to automate future merges?
(08:02:03 PM) cscott-free: it's not really hard (and maybe i should put this on the wiki): cd ~/Mediawiki/core ; git checkout -b sync-up <commit id of latest commit mentioned in fetch-parsertests> ; cp ~/Parsoid/tests/parserTests.txt tests/parser; git commit -a -m "Sync" ; git rebase master
(08:02:57 PM) cscott-free: in theory after you do that and get that patch merged to core, fetch-parserTests in parsoid will do the rest.
(08:04:09 PM) gwicke: cscott: sounds like a good thing to add to fetch-parsertests
(08:04:16 PM) gwicke: and maybe rename it to sync-parsertests
(08:04:35 PM) gwicke: sync-parsertests <core-dir>

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Change 74399 had a related patch set uploaded by Cscott:
Add tool to aid synchronization with upstream parser tests.

Change 74399 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add tool to aid synchronization with upstream parser tests.