Class of users that can rollback but have no other admin rights
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Author: p_simoons

[[Wikipedia:Requests for rollback]].

It has been suggested that some users be promoted to an 'intermediary' class
between regular user and admin, and that these users can rollback (but not
block, protect, or delete).

It may be reasonable to disallow, or severely limit, page moves to users who are
NOT in this intermediary class, to block Willy on Wheels pagemove attacks.

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Severity: normal
URL: for rollback


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T8711: More modular userrights interface
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Configuration issue, assigning to Wikimedia web sites.

robchur wrote:

Resetting priority and severity to normal-normal. Please don't alter them again;
it's for us to decide that.

It's not just a configuration issue, you also need a UI for granting it and taking it
away. It's not going to be useful if only stewards can grant it, is it?

robchur wrote:

An excellent point, certainly. Perhaps a clone of Special:Userrights that
bureaucrats can access, to add and remove the flag?

robchur wrote:

There is now an extension in Subversion providing local bureaucrats with the
ability to grant/remove rollback rights from a non-sysop user. This would work
as a stop-gap measure until the user rights interfaces can be gutted and improved.

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see rollbacker usergroup

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