#ask is case sensitive
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Author: kristpgh

Special:Ask is case sensitive
For example
http://localhost/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Ask&q=[[Category:Person]][[Has name::~*r*]]&po=?Has+name ->return 2 items,
http://localhost/wiki/index.php?title=Special:Ask&q=[[Category:Person]][[Has name::~*R*]]&po=?Has+name return nothing("No results.")

[[Has name::~*R*]] - 0 items,but [[Has name::~*r*]] - 2 items
I configured mediawiki with innodb schema, and utf8 charset table,use MySQL

How to solve this problem?

Version: REL1_20-branch
Severity: major
OS: Linux


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Unless the documentation says otherwise, searches (and with it #ask) are case sensitive.

Property values are generally not equalized and stored as found in the wikitext.

Asking for [[Has name::~*R*]] is different from asking [[Has name::~*r*]] therefore results can be but don't have to be equal.

See also Bug 21314.

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